Vape Tanks

The vape tank is a necessity for any complete vape mod setup. The Electric Tobacconist carries a superb range of vape tanks from brands like SMOK, GeekVape, and Freemax which pair fantastically with any of our vape mods. Shop our range of vape tanks here:

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Luxe PM40 Pods
VaporessoLuxe PM40 Pods
Pack of 2 | Uses GTX Coils
ZERO 2 Pod
TFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank
SMOKTFV9 Sub-Ohm Tank
6.5ml Capacity
Air Pro Pod
SuorinAir Pro Pod
Refillable Cartridge
XROS Series 2ml Pods
XROS Series 3ml Pods

What is a Vape Tank?

A vape tank is an essential component of any high wattage vaping device, such as box mods and nearly all sub-ohm vape mods. Vape tanks are usually screwed onto the base of a vape mod, which then supplies heat to the coil within the tank responsible for vaporizing the vape juice that is contained in the tank. Vape tanks come in myriad of different sizes, types, base diameters, and liquid capacities, allowing for greater flexibility of choice when pairing with a compatible vape mod. 

How Does a Vape Tank Work?

A tank will typically be attached to a mod via a 510-threaded connection that's as simple as twisting on. Vape tanks house a coil that can be screwed onto the either the base of the vape tank or the chimney section, which is made of cotton and wire. Once the coil is fastened and glass piece secured, vape juice can be squeezed into the tank from a filling port located somewhere on the tank (usually the top, where it can be uncovered). The cotton will take a few minutes to wick the vape juice, but once fully saturated you can start vaping! 

Most tanks will also have some sort of air-flow control, which can be adjusted to personal preference. As a rule of thumb, more air means cooler vapor production, whereas more restricted air-flow will product a warmer vape.

Types of Vape Tanks

Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks:

The standard across the industry, sub-ohm tanks are usually large in capacity, and use coils that have resistances of less than 1.0ohm (although typically lower and as low as 0.10ohms).

Mesh Coil Tanks:

Mesh coil vape tanks utilize mesh coils, which offer incredible smoothness and flavor production, while still maintaining satisfying cloud production. Traditional coils use wrapped metal wiring to heat surrounding cotton, but mesh coil designs create a more even heating surface area that is responsible for their fantastically smooth output.


Clearomizers are simple tanks that are disposable after the cotton has run its course, as they have a wicking element built into them that cannot be replaced.

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