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Blu+ Tanks Review: Comprehensive Guide to Flavors with FAQs

About Blu 

The concept behind Blu was formed in 2009 after the founder, Jason Healy, was annoyed at the smoking bans at that time and wanted to come up with a less harmful and more innovative alternative. Fast forward to today and Blu has grown into a global brand, producing premium products for adult consumers for over a decade now. 

We’re proud and thankful to be Blu’s sole e-commerce partner for the sale of their products here in the US.

Blu+ Tanks

The Blu+ Tanks have been on the market for a while now; however, with the recent release of Gold Leaf and Carolina Bold flavors - as well as new nicotine strength options across all available flavors - it’s almost as if the hype never died down! For this reason, I have compiled a review on all Blu+ Tank flavors and have ranked them to work as a helpful guide for your Blu+ journey, as well as including an FAQs section where we answer all of your questions.

Classic Tobacco

Blu say: “The familiar taste of full-bodied tobacco.”

After trying out Classic Tobacco, one of Blu’s most popular flavors, I can see why this full-bodied tobacco taste is attractive to so many users. A very smoky and aromatic tobacco note resembles the exact familiar feel that a cigarette provides, even down to the nicotine delivery. This comes in at fourth place on my list. 

Carolina Bold

Blu say: “A rich and intense tobacco flavor, inspired by the earthy taste of rolling tobacco.“

I would say that out of all the flavors, Carolina Bold is definitely the most robust in taste. It has a very authentic and genuine taste that accurately mimics the sensation of a traditional cigarette. As an ex-smoker, I can definitely see the appeal of this tank flavor - this comes in at third place on my list!

Gold Leaf

Blu say: “Bright and smoky, with subtle tobacco flavor”

There’s no wonder this flavor is an all-time favorite for Blu consumers! It perfectly resembles a true tobacco taste and incorporates all-round smoothness for user satisfaction, while still maintaining an earthy, smoky flavor. Gold Leaf comes in at second place on my ranking!


Blu say: “Classic menthol taste with notes of peppermint.”

Before quitting smoking, I was a user of menthol-infused cigarettes as I preferred the refreshment it provided, compared to a regular cigarette. With this particular Blu+ Tank flavor, it took me right back to the old days and I can see why this would be a perfect choice for menthol lovers. The spearmint and peppermint notes seamlessly blend together, supplying the ideal amount of freshness to the palate, while still capturing the essence of authentic and herbal mint. Blu+ Menthol tanks come in at first place for me and I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates a genuine mint flavor as opposed to artificially flavored mint.

Nicotine Strengths

Here at the Electric Tobacconist US, we recently got our hands on 12mg across all Blu+ Tank flavors, and 20mg for Carolina Bold. Thanks to this, there is now a wider variety of nicotine strengths that vapers can opt for, enabling users to fine-tune their vaping journey. 

At this time: the Classic Tobacco and Menthol flavors are available in 24mg and 12mg; the Gold Leaf tanks are available in 24mg, 12mg and nicotine free; and the limited edition release of Carolina Bold is available in 20mg.


How long do Blu+ Tanks last?

You get 550 puffs approximately out of each tank. This would last most users roughly 1-2 days, depending on your draw length and how frequently you vape, which is quite similar to how long a regular disposable vape would last you.

Can I refill my Blu+ Tank?

Unfortunately, the Blu+ Tanks come prefilled with e-liquid therefore, you are unable to refill these. On the bright side, a prefilled cartridge takes away the hassle of messy refills.

Where can I buy Blu Xpress and Blu+ Tanks?

You can buy these in any gas station or Walgreens but if you want to stock up on these, we recommend purchasing them online. We, The Electric Tobacconist US, are the only online stockists of Blu products in the US.

How much is the Blu+ Xpress kit and tanks?

After quick research, it appears that convenience stores and gas stations charge on average 20% more than we do with our multibuy deals here at The Electric Tobacconist US. With this being said, purchasing these products from our website directly saves you money, as opposed to buying the Blu+ Xpress kit and tanks in-store.