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The Electric Tobacconist® USA stocks a wide variety of electronic cigarette batteries. Whether shopping for a replacement to attach to your vape tank or your cartomizer, we have an option compatible with all the most popular American brands.

E-Cigarette Battery Types

An electronic cigarette battery comprises many different forms:

1. The cigarette-syle (cigalike) e-cigarette battery: this is the battery found on 'First Generation' e-cigarette starter kits - it looks just like a cigarette and was designed to bridge the gap between existing smokers and would-be first-time vapers. These types of battery usually screw easily onto cartridge/cartomizer refills.

2. The eGo e-cigarette battery: This is a chunkier battery which offers more power and needs charging less often. It is most commonly found on an e-liquid (tank) kit. 

3. The Variable Voltage/Wattage e-cigarette battery: This is where the voltage or wattage can be adjusted by the user to with bring out more flavor, or create more vapor. 

4. The Mod e-cigarette battery: This is the battery that goes either inside or alongside a mod ecig.

Evolution of the e-cigarette battery

E-Cigarette batteries continue to evolve, but as alluded to above, they began looking just like cigarettes so as to attract more attention and reduce any stigma there might have been around trying a smokeless vapor cigarette. Once these barriers had been broken down, a demand emerged for a longer-lasting battery, which gave rise to the eGo battery (which is up to five times in size comparing to the cigarette-style battery). Once the ecig battery no longer had any resemblance to a cigarette the design shackles were off and vaping pioneers were free to toy with all shapes and sizes.

In recent times the latest designs have come in more of a box form, but such is the fledgling nature of the industry, there are surely many other popular shapes and sizes to come...

E-Cigarette Batteries

You can buy a range of e-cigarette batteries from The Electric Tobacconist®, with all major brands available. We accept all major credit cards, and shipping is free on all orders over $20.