18650 Batteries

Need a 18650 battery or two for your vape mod? Shop our 18650 range here.

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What is a 18650 battery?

18650 batteries are the gold standard for powering your vape mod; in fact, most mods are now designed with 18650s specifically in mind. Known for their long battery life and often coming with a high discharge rate, 18650 batteries are ideal for vape mods: they are able to produce huge amounts of power and should keep you vaping for a long time between charges.

Why would I need a 18650 battery?

If you're using a box mod, odds are that you'll need to use 18650 batteries to power it. The vast majority of box mods take 18650 batteries as standard, and they don't come included in the box, so make sure to pick some up from our 18650 department! You'll also need to buy a charger in order to keep your 18650s charged up and ready to go.

18650 Battery Safety

Make sure to check which batteries are recommended for use in your mod. 18650 batteries vary in terms of capacity (mAh) and in terms of their power draw (amps), so it's important to know what sort of battery is best for your mod's specifications. Do not use your 18650 battery if the outer skin is damaged and do not store your batteries in a pocket or drawer with other loose metal like change. If you do need to store your 18650 batteries, consider storing home in a plastic case to protect them from wear and tear.

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