Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero is a Texas-based vape juice brand, known for their creative flavors, support of local artists, and for donating to Disabled American Veterans. Hometown Hero's vape juices are made in small batches to assure quality, then shipped nationwide for the enjoyment of thousands. Shop the Hometown Hero range today.

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Founded in 2015, Hometown Hero is famous for their perfectly crafted premium juices and unique flavor blends, all manufactured in Austin, Texas. The founders of Hometown Hero met while working at a tech startup, and soon began blending their own custom vape juice; when they realized that they could produce outstanding premium vape juice, and make it affordable, Hometown Hero was born. The result is a range of small-batch juices blended with love and care, and bursting with incredible flavor. Now one of the fastest growing juice brands going, Hometown Hero has never lost that personal touch, and have even expanded their range to include a collection of nicotine salt juices that are perfect for mouth-to-lung vapers and refillable pod mod users.


Hometown Hero produces two main ranges of vape juice: their standard 70% VG liquids that are aimed at sub-ohm vapers, and their Salted liquids, which have a nicotine salt formula for an unbelievably smooth and satisfying vape. Hometown Hero’s Salted juices are intended for use in refillable pod mods and other low-power mouth-to-lung kits since they come in much higher nicotine strengths than the sub-ohm liquids. The Hometown Hero range includes:

Angel Tears Vape Juice: the first juice released by Hometown Hero, Angel Tears blends watermelon, berries, and coconut for a unique, irresistible all-day vape. Angel Tears comes in a salted and 70% VG version. Angel Tears is also available with an icy menthol hit under the name Angel’s Breath, and can also be found in Hometown Hero’s Salted collection.

Why So Cereal? Vape Juice: one of Hometown Hero’s earliest creations returns! Why So Cereal? is an original twist on the classic cereal vape, blending milky cereal notes with a burst of fresh raspberry flavor.

Witch Doctor Salted Vape Juice: a premium tobacco juice with a touch of milk chocolate for a hint of sweetness. Witch Doctor Salted’s nicotine salt formula makes it a great choice for ex-smokers looking for a cigarette-style hit, as well as tobacco connoisseurs searching for their new favorite vape juice. 


Hometown Hero has an army of loyal fans from all over the country. Their one-of-a-kind blends and focus on high-quality flavor have made them one of the fastest growing brands on the market, while their introduction of a nicotine salt range has made them popular with refillable pod mod users looking for absolute satisfaction alongside fantastic flavor. If you like Hometown Hero's salt juices, try out Mr. Salt-E, one of the most popular nicotine salt liquid brands going.


You can explore our full range of Hometown Hero vape juice at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop.

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