Press Release 4/5/22

Electric Tobacconist Enters Into Agreement with North Carolina Attorney General


[BOULDER, CO APRIL 5th, 2022] Electric Tobacconist has entered into a consent agreement with the North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein, and fully supports the state's ongoing program to prevent the usage and sale of vaping products to minors.


Electric Tobacconist will meet the terms of the agreement, which pays close attention to marketing and the use of social media. The agreement between Electric Tobacconist and the state of North Carolina will see Electric Tobacconist resume sales in North Carolina, exclusively through its online retail store, under strict conditions.


Bruce Gibson, Electric Tobacconist CEO, commented,

“We unequivocally believe that these products should never be in the hands of children.”


“This settlement is consistent with our company’s desire to prevent access to vaping products by underage consumers.”


“Out of respect for the ongoing case, we ceased selling in North Carolina in 2019, but we look forward to serving our adult customers in the state again within the terms of the agreement.”


Electric Tobacconist is an adult-only online retail platform for e-cigarettes and nicotine vaping products. While Electric Tobacconist is a multi-brand platform that sells many manufacturers' products, it does not own a brand of, nor does it manufacture, any vaping products.  The Electric Tobacconist website is safeguarded through industry-leading age verification technology that provides accurate real-time age verification and strictly complies with regulations. The platform ensures that no one below the age of 21 can make a purchase on the site and prevents straw purchases, limiting the number of items purchased in a 30-day period.


Since its inception, all sales have exclusively been through Electric Tobacconist’s website, forgoing brick-and-mortar operations. The company affirms that all social media channels are only to provide shipping and service updates through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Please contact our media department for more information - [email protected]