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Press Release 8/27/19

August 27th, 2019
Boulder, Colorado
Electric Tobacconist comment in response to North Carolina lawsuits:
The Electric Tobacconist (ET) is an online store for e-cigarettes and vaping supplies. We absolutely affirm that these products don't belong in the hands of children. As such we have an extensive age verification platform that means a purchase can't be completed until a person's age has been established through a third party platform. Our system implements an independent, third-party age verification service that verifies the age of the purchaser using their personal information entered during the ordering process. As a further change to our ever-evolving Age Verification process, early last year we introduced limits on the number of units per customer to stop potential straw purchases deriving from our store. 
Our objective is to offer adults willing to go through our stringent age checks, an alternative to combustible cigarettes. Electric Tobacconist does not own or manufacture any brand or product.
The demographic of a typical ET customer is reflected in the following statistic: 85% of our customers are over the age of 25 years old. 
Bruce Gibson, CEO, The Electric Tobacconist USA