Cartomizer Refills

Cartomizers are easy-to-use e-cigarette refills that are pre-filled with e-liquid and typically screwed into your e-cigarette. Find cartomizers from popular brands like VUSE and Logic here.

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25 Packs for $8.40 each
Pro Capsules Tobacco
LogicPro Capsules Tobacco
Pack of 2 | 20mg (2.0% Nicotine by weight)
25 Packs for $8.40 each
Pro Capsules Menthol
LogicPro Capsules Menthol
Pack of 2 | 20mg (2.0% Nicotine by weight)
5 Tanks for $14.40 each
blu Menthol Plus+ Tanks
BLUMenthol PLUS+ Tanks
Compatible with PLUS+ Xpress Kit

About Cartomizer Refills

Screw-in cartomizers are typically pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridges that are bought to refill your e-cigarette after your initial starter kit has run out. The overwhelming benefit of refill cartridges is that they make vaping (the act of 'smoking' an electronic cigarette) incredibly cheap. Once you have paid for your initial e-cigarette starter kit, you only need to get more refills from then on (until the battery on your e-cig starter kit dies, which can take over six months). Cartomizer refills come in anything from packs of three to packs of six.

Some Cartomizer brands to look out for


The Logic Power range is one of the best selling cartomizer brands in the US. The Logic brand is known for its simplicity and reliability.


The VUSE brand offers two types of cartomizer offering: the Solo and the Vibe. The Solo is more of a cigalike product, while the Vibe is more of a pen-style vape.

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