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Pick up an external charger to make sure you're never stuck with a dead vape mod. Or grab an extra or replacement charger to make sure you're always ready to charge up! Check out our full variety of charging accessories here:

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Bristol USB Charger
The Magic MistBristol USB Charger
Compatible with Bristol Battery
Was $6.99 | save $3.00From$3.99

About Chargers

We stock chargers for multiple brands and connections for vapes of all kinds. These chargers are great if you happen to lose your charger or want an extra charger for travel. External battery chargers are great for charging multiple batteries at once so you have backups ready to go at all times.

Charger Brands and Products

The Electric Tobacconist carries a variety of chargers for the most common vape brands and battery types.

Chargers at the Electric Tobacconist

Explore the wide variety of chargers at the Electric Tobacconist vape shop.