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About Vaporfi

Vaporfi have quickly risen to become a leader in the vaping industry, priding themselves on thinking outside the box to produce vaping products that are innovative and stand out from the rest, producing a fully customizable and pleasurable vaping experience for the user. Casting their customer base net wide, Vaporfi expertly engineers products for everyone from those that are desperate to kick their real cigarette habit to those that are intrigued by the concept of vaping and those super techy types that are keen to mix, match and build their own devices.

With each new release, Vaporfi one ups the last one, outdoing themselves each and every time, the company having been brought to fruition after the founders decided the vaping market needed higher quality and better standards. From beastly, cloud chasing sub ohm devices to gentler, compact vape pens that are easy to carry about making vaping on the go a fuss free experience, Vaporfi really do have a product for everyone, ready to do away with the badly designed, poor quality vaping devices that have saturated the scene since vaping really took off. 

A proud American company, every single Vaporfi product from e-juice to vape pen to Pyrex glass tank is made on US soil, to ensure intense potency and high safety standards, allowing them to offer products for beginners, intermediates and pros alike. Their e-liquids contain a plant-based glycerin sourced from soybean that is free of allergens such as peanuts, as well as being diacetyl-free, making the whole inhale, exhale experience tranquil and calming. And with an extensive range of e-juices, there is bound to be a favorite Vaporfi blend for everyone, and you can even mix and blend them together to create something truly personal to your tastes that has a diverse flavor palette on inhale and that evolves on exhale into huge, bouncy, flavorsome clouds.