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Shop the latest e-cigarette kits, disposable vapes, liquids, and accessories from top vape brands in the US. Whether you’re searching for vape kits, disposables or vape juices, our range includes best selling names like VUSE, JUUL, Logic, blu and NJOY . Explore our A-Z list of vape brands right here!

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About our Vape Brands 

Electric Tobacconist stands as the premier online destination for vaping enthusiasts, proudly partnering with America’s top brands like blu, Logic, and NJOY. Our curated selection also features innovative offerings from VUSE, Leap Vapor and Phix, ensuring a comprehensive range of choices. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, Electric Tobacconist is your trusted source for quality and variety in the vaping world.

Explore our Brands...


Discover the VUSE vapor range, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled flavor. Each VUSE device and VUSE Pod is designed for satisfaction and simplicity, offering a seamless vaping experience. Embrace the future of vaping with VUSE’s innovative and stylish options.


Step into the world of blu, where each vape is a fusion of quality, convenience, and style. blu’s range offers a modern twist on vaping, with devices crafted for discerning users who seek reliability and a smooth experience. Explore blu, and find your perfect puff.

Logic Vapes

Logic Vapes offers a streamlined vaping experience with its user-friendly and sophisticated range comprising the cigalike Logic Power and the more advanced Logic Pro Vape. Designed for the modern vaper, Logic provides a hassle-free journey with consistent flavor and quality. Elevate your vaping with Logic’s reliable and intuitive products.


NJOY Vapes brings you a sleek and satisfying vaping experience with its top-tier range. Known for their quality and ease of use, NJOY devices are perfect for those who appreciate a straightforward, enjoyable vape. Dive into NJOY’s world for a superior vaping journey.


Discover the JUUL Vape range: sleek, compact, and designed for simplicity. Our selection offers a variety of flavors, catering to your preference with ease. Experience the modern approach to vaping, where style meets satisfaction. Perfect for those seeking a straightforward and enjoyable transition to vaping. If you're in the UK you can shop our JUUL UK range here.