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About My Von Erl:

If you're a fan of easy-to-use, small e-cigarette devices (like the popular JUUL Vaporizer, for example) then the My Von Erl represents a very viable option. Sleek and understated in design, this no-fuss pod mod device will sit comfortably in your hand and allow you to discreetly vape a variety of different flavors. With its anodised aluminum build and textured matte finish, you’ll leave no marks or fingerprints.

The vapor production of this device is very impressive for its size and produces some of the best flavor available in a cigarette-style device. With no buttons to press, this draw-activated device is as easy as it gets.

Product dimensions: approximately 10.3cm x 1.7cm.

Its small size means it will fit into any pocket, and is perfect to take with you anywhere you go. There's no risk of accidental firing due to its draw-activated technology so it's safe to carry in a bag or pants pocket.

Battery Life:

Small device typically means small battery, but don't let that put you off. The 350mAh battery contained in the My Von Erl kit should see you through around four hours of regular vaping. In a working environment such as an office, or when you’re out and about, you can easily get 8 hours of use before you need to recharge. There are no settings to fiddle with as it will always output a consistent 3.7 volts for the optimum vaping experience.

Set Up and Charging:

The My Von Erl is really easy to use. Once charged (by plugging the supplied Micro-USB into your PC/laptop/wall adapter - the manual explains if you're unsure), connect a Liquidpod and simply put into your mouth and inhale! No buttons to press, and no configuration required! Charging should take around 30 minutes to fully charge from flat – and you can measure the approximate battery level by observing the illuminating LED upon inhalation or while charging; Green means fully charged, white means around 50% charge left, and red means it’s about to run out.

About My Von Erl Liquidpods:

My Von Erl pods are pre-filled cartridge refills exclusive to the My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit. There are a variety of flavors available: Tabak (Tobacco), Tabak Menthol, Tabak Vanilla, Ginseng Ginger, Eucalyptus Lemon, Cafe Latte, Blue Ice, Cherry, Green Apple, Bourbon Caramel, Mango Apricot and Pina Co Chi. There are also other flavors from different collections including CuttwoodFrisco VaporTaffy Man, Velvet Cloud, Space JamHalcyon Vapors, B. Eliquids and Smith & Baxter bringing the total number of flavors available to over 55! Each flavor is available in a variety of strengths ranging from 36mg down to 0mg (nicotine free). Each Liquidpod features a push-fit design that easily attaches to the My Von Erl battery.


Many of America's best known liquids manufacturers have taken to offering My Von Erl pods filled with their own blends. We stock the Frisco Vape, Cuttwood, Taffy Man, Velvet Cloud, Space Jam, B. Eliquids, Smith & Baxter and Halcyon Vapors ranges alongside the regular Von Erl pods. 

What's in a My Von Erl Liquidpod?

Each Liquidpod contains high-quality e-liquid made from the very best ingredients; nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings. Each ingredient is tested for purity before being blended into their unique e-liquid flavors. Also contained within is a 1.5ohm coil and Japanese cotton. The closed system means they are disposable; once used up simply swap it out for a fresh one.


My Von Erl pod refills are compatible with the My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit only. They easily push onto the battery without the chances of getting vape juice on your hands or making a mess thanks to its closed-system design.

Liquidpod Refills:

My Von Erl Liquidpods come in more than 30 flavors and vary from classics like tobacco and menthol to more obscure, but equally tasty flavors like eucalyptus lemon and ginseng ginger. Each Liquidpod contains a 1.5ohm coil and Japanese cotton. Once depleted, simply swap out the Liquidpod for a fresh one. Liquidpods are available in various nicotine strengths ranging from 36mg/ml down to 0mg/ml (nicotine free).

How long does a My Von Erl Liquidpod last?

According to Von Erl, each of the pods will last approximately 300 puffs which roughly translates to 30 traditional cigarettes based on the assumption that each 'analog' cigarette is around 10 puffs. You'll know when you need to change the My Von Erl Liquidpod when the e-liquid within has depleted.

My Von Erl Flavors at a Glance:

Tabak: an authentic and satisfying classic Virginia tobacco flavor.
Tabak Menthol: combines refreshing menthol with classic, earthy tobacco.
Tabak Vanilla: tobacco with sweet vanilla.
Ginseng Ginger: a unique blend of warming ginger and healing ginseng.
Eucalyptus Lemon: sweet & sour lemon with a refreshing eucalyptus hit.
Café Latte: a sweet & satisfying coffee with cream.
Pina CoChi: A tropical blend of pineapple and coconut with very subtle hints of chilli spice.
Bourbon Caramel: the finest bourbon blended with deliciously sweet and rich caramel.
Green Apple: freshly picked, sweet green apples with a subtle tartness.
Cherry: a sweet and delicious cherry flavor.
Blue Ice: blueberries combined with a refreshing menthol kick.
Mango Apricot: a blend of refreshing mango and apricot.

About Von Erl:

Born out of an Austrian medical technology company and based in Hall In Tirol, Austria, Von Erl pride themselves on their dedication to produce cutting edge, quality vaping products. Their team of highly skilled specialists not only have the combined expertise to produce market-changing products, but their passion and enthusiasm sets them apart from many other companies.

My Von Erl & Liquidpod Refills at The Electric Tobacconist®:

The Electric Tobacconist® vape shop stocks a large range of e-cigarette brands including JUUL and V2 with free domestic shipping to anywhere in the United States (orders over $20). You can buy your refills for your My Von Erl Vaporizer Kit with PayPal or credit card.