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Cue Vapor Pods

Cue Vapor Pods are an innovative pod mod refill cartridge collection which are designed exclusively for use with the Cue Vaping System. The unique and original design of Cue pods allows them to be easy to use, click into place and they also stand out for their diverse range of flavors. The Cue vape pod range goes far beyond simple tobacco and menthol, with their range incorporating some interesting alternatives. Pod mod style vaping systems allow vapers of all experience to try a wider range of flavors and Cue is committed to keeping their vaping system simple and easy to use. 

All Cue vape pods are prefilled and disposable, sliding simply into place within the Cue Vaping System and then you’re ready go. 

Explore the Cue Vape Pods Flavor Range

The Cue pods range incorporates many different flavors from classic tobacco and menthol to fruit and dessert flavors including:

Chocolate Banana: as decadent as it sounds, these Cue pods are rich in banana flavor with the sweetness of chocolate poured on top.

Berry Smooth: another banana combo, smooth and creamy Berry Smooth Cue pods are rich in strawberry and banana flavors, with just a touch of cream.

Peach Tobacco: unusual and appealing, peach tobacco Cue vape pods combine the gentle and exotic tang of peaches with a deep and earthy tobacco flavor.

Creamy Mint: different from your average menthol vape, Creamy Mint vape pods have a cool minty blast but it’s teamed with a fresh cream swirl.

All Cue Vapor pods are 5ml in size and this allows for plenty of use before you need to swap out for a new pod. It is easy to switch between flavors without any concerns about residue and aftertaste of the previous flavor being left behind.



You can explore the full Cue Vape Pods range her at The Electric Tobacconist.