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Sub Ohm Juice

Making the switch to sub ohm vaping opens up a whole new world of diverse and versatile e-liquid options. Choosing sub ohm vaping offers you not only a more smooth and intense flavor experience, the range of juices for you to enjoy is also hugely increased. The sub ohm e-juice options cover every flavor you can imagine and innovative brands are always thinking up new and original ideas.

What is a sub ohm e-liquid?

Sub ohm is the term we use to describe atomizers which have a resistance of less than one ohm and to get the most out of these kinds of atomizer, you need a sub ohm liquid. Sub ohm e-juice has a slightly different formula to “regular” e-juices. All juices are made up of a ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Sub ohm liquid has a high VG content, as this is the component which is thick, smooth and able to hold a lot of flavor.

Sub ohm vaping requires high VG e-juice because it is not possible to achieve the same flavor intensity or vapor production. The huge range of sub ohm e-juice options on the market means there is never a reason to opt for anything but the perfect juice for your sub ohm vaping experience. There are different ratios too, so you will find sub ohm e-liquid options with a 60% VG formula and even some which are 100% PG free.

Sub Ohm Liquid Brands

There are a wide range of brands who specialize in sub ohm e-juice production. Brands such as Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, Kilo and One Hit Wonder have an impressive range of sub ohm juices and there are many more options in our range too.

At The Electric Tobacconist we are always updating and adding to our sub ohm e-juice range and you can explore everything we have to offer on this page.