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Sub Ohm Vaping

When you first start vaping it’s unlikely you’ll begin with a sub ohm kit but in time, you may make the decision to try out this more advanced, premium style of vaping. Sub ohm vaping offers many benefits and an extremely different experience. Here we’re looking at what sub ohm vaping actually is and why you might want to give it a go.

Understanding Ohms

What is an ohm? An ohm is a unit of measurement, measuring resistance. The lower the ohm resistance of your atomizer, the more electricity can flow through it and when the resistance of an atomizer is below 1 ohm, this is classes as a sub ohm kit. 

Getting Started with Sub Ohm Vaping

Sub ohm vaping is simply vaping with a kit which has a resistance of below 1 ohm. Sub ohm vaping usually delivers a more intense, smooth flavor as the e-juice being vaped is thicker and you can also expect bigger clouds and better vapor production. Here are three top reasons people choose to switch to sub ohm vaping:

Flavor Intensity: with lower resistance your sub ohm tank helps to ensure a more intense vaping experience. Most sub ohm tanks also use organic cotton wicking for a premium, flavor-rich experience.

Warm vapor: sub ohm kits require higher wattage and this in turn heats up the e-juice more quickly and sustains it at a higher temperature. This helps to create an experience more similar to traditional smoking.

Giant clouds: vapor production is the number one reason many people switch to sub ohm vaping. Expect bigger clouds than ever before.

Finding your Sub Ohm Vaping Kit

At The Electric Tobacconist we stock a wide range of sub ohm vaping kits, as well as individual parts to build your kit. We have products from some of the leading sub ohm vaping hardware brands including Vapor Shark and KangerTech. You can explore our full range on this page.