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V2 Cigs

Stock up on all your V2 products while they last! Looking for an alternative to V2? Check out the Vuse Vapor and MarkTen ranges, here at Electric Tobacconist. Or find V2 compatible products from Mig Vapor!

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About V2:

V2 is a pioneering American electronic cigarette brand with a worldwide reputation. V2 is known as a brand leader in terms of vapor production, taste, range of flavors and quality control. V2 e-cigarettes are sold in over 40,000 retail outlets in the United States and is the 3rd most popular brand in America. V2 Cigs is the flagship brand of VMR Products LLC. 

V2 Cigs Range:

V2 is one of very few American brands to have produced a popular range of both cartomizer refills and e-liquid refills, as well as accompanying hardware. The flavor cartridges and V2 vape juice range are equally popular and have contributed greatly to the success of the brand, not least because the flavors within them are of consistently high quality. A wide range of vape kits are available from V2, suitable for everyone from beginners to long-time vapers.

As a complement to the V2 Cigs brand, VMR has also created the Vapor Couture line of e-cigarettes, the only line of vaping equipment tailored exclusively to women.

V2 invest heavily in e-cigarette research and development, resulting in them having one of the broadest and most popular e-cigarette ranges in the United States. Among the most popular products in the range are the Pro Series 3, which has since been superseded by the Pro Series 7, and the Vertx range of e-cigarettes.

V2 Cartridges:

V2 cartridge refills are smooth and easy to screw onto your e-cigarette. The Electric Tobacconist USA has the complete range for sale, from the traditional tobacco flavors to the more niche flavors, such as peppermint or cherry. 

Each of the packs of V2 cigarette refills (AKA cartomizers) comes in a box of five. We estimate that each of the cartomizers offers approximately 150-200 puffs, depending on vaping habits. There are a number of different nicotine levels to choose from depending on what how strong you like the vapor to feel when it hits your throat. There are currently seven different flavors in the V2 cartridges range: Red Tobacco, Menthol, Peppermint, Congress, Sahara, Cherry and Coffee. If you're looking for more variety in your flavors, the V2 e-liquids range will offer everything you're looking for.

How long do V2 Cartridges last once opened?

We recommend you use your V2 cartridges within 14 days of opening, but if the packaging remains unopened, these refills can last anything up to two years if kept in a cool, dry place.

Once you have had a browse at our V2 refills section, take a look at our vape juice section. If you prefer to use liquid, this is the department for you.

V2 E-Liquid:

The Electric Tobacconist USA boast a large and varied range of e-liquids, and they don't come much more popular than the V2 e-liquid range! The V2 e-liquids range is hand-crafted in the US and comes with an easy-fill dropper built into the lid. V2 liquids are made with the same ingredients as those found in the V2 cartomizer range, giving you a consistent flavor and more value for money. 

Premium V2 Liquid:

V2 Vape was originally known for its comprehensive cigarette-style cartomizers (cartridge) range, but V2 is fast making a name for itself as a producer of fine e-liquids. As with the screw-in refills, there is a wide selection of flavors, from cherry to peppermint and more. These liquids are compatible with any e-liquid e-cigarette.

E-Liquid Flavors Made in the USA:

Most electronic cigarette brands offer just one tobacco flavor. This is usually their set flavor and will often dominate their sales. V2 have taken a different view on this by cleverly translating their V2 cartomizers range into bottle e-liquids. The result is an outstanding range of juices, with several tobacco offerings as well as a variety of different flavors.

V2 Liquid Flavors:

The V2 e-juice range is wide and varied. It started off with just the classic tobacco flavors:

  • Red Tobacco - a take on the traditional American cigarette flavors
  • Congress - a smooth, light tobacco flavor
  • Sahara -  a Turkish tobacco flavor e-liquid

...but in a very short space of time evolved into a full range of flavors, the highlights of which are:

  • Peppermint - a fiery chill of mint vape juice with delicate notes of sweetness
  • Vanilla - a smooth vanilla blend like no other
  • Green Tea Menthol - a charming take on the classic menthol taste

Worldwide Popularity of the V2 Cigs Brand:

Already a leading brand in the US, V2 gained such a following from abroad that it opened its virtual doors in 2013 to a European website with fulfillment based out of France. This enabled the brand to reduce lag time in orders placed from across the Atlantic. 

V2 at The Electric Tobacconist:

You can buy V2 Cigs online with any major credit card at official V2 stockists The Electric Tobacconist USA with free shipping on all orders over $20. At our online vape shop, we also stock many other well-known American e-cigarette brands such as Naked 100, NJOY and JUUL. We sell the popular JUUL Starter Kit, which takes pre-filled pods for total convenience.