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The Logic E cig range is one of America's most popular brands. Logic is very much a lifestyle vaping brand.

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Logic E Cig

Logic E Cig

Logic is one of the leading e-cigarette companies in the US. They claim to be New York’s number one brand based on sales volume and their Logic e cig range gives many different options for vapers looking to enjoy both disposable and rechargeable hardware. They are one of America’s most recognized e-cig brands and their Logic Pro E Cig has become a leading product because of its innovative design.

The company, Logic Technology Development LLC, was founded in 2010 and they have a focus on the lifestyle market. They’ve designed each of their products with busy city dwellers in mind and they are committed to creating products which offer the best possible vaping experience.

Logic E Cig Product Range

Logic is a leader in premium electronic cigarette sector and they focus on the highest quality materials and ingredients in their hardware and e-liquids. Their key lines include the Logic Pro and the Logic Power E Cig, with the Logic Starter Kit selling particularly well as it provides everything a first-timer could need to get started. Below is a closer look at the key lines in the Logic E Cig range.

Logic Pro E Cig

Innovative and making vaping even more accessible and straightforward, the Logic Pro E Cig makes it simple to get into vaping. The Logic Pro Vaporizer features uses convenient pre-filled capsules which make filling the e-cig mess-free and simple. Each capsule incorporates 1.5ml of flavored e-juice and a coil inside and there are four tempting flavors to choose from: tobacco, menthol, vanilla and cherry. Refills for the Pro E Cig are sold in packs of three and all flavors are readily available. If you fancy trying something different it is as simple as removing your standard capsule and popping in a different flavor for a new experience.

The Logic Pro Vaporizer makes it easy to try vaping for the first time, as the kit is lightweight, compact and easy to fill. The capsules come in different nicotine levels and you can simply remove and put in another one when they run out.

The Logic Pro E Cig comes complete with USB charger and it takes around 4 hours to fully charge the powerful 650mAh battery.

Logic Power E Cig

Logic also have a hand in the disposable e-cig market. They were in fact one of the first companies to develop a disposable e-cigarette, inspiring many others to do the same.

The Logic Power Disposable comes in tobacco or menthol flavors and each one offers around 300-400 puffs before it runs out. A choice of nicotine levels with both high (24mg) and low (18mg) available, makes it easy to find the right disposable e-cig for your preference. They are extremely lightweight in design and feature a blue tipped LED to mimic the end of a traditional cigarette and the LED lights up when you draw on the e-cig. Unlike other disposable e-cigs, Logic invest in quality and ensure each Power E Cig has a powerful battery, allowing for an intense and authentic vaping experience, with an easy draw and thick vapor on the exhale.

Logic Refills

Logic is one of the big names on the US vaping scene and with their market leading hardware range, they also need a quality liquid collection. Logic refills are available in a choice of different types to fit the various e-cigs in their range and they also offer a range of flavors to suit your preference.

Logic is a brand with a focus on the busy city lifestyle market and this means the Logic refills range is designed to be convenient, easy to use and mess free. Their products are amongst the most popular in the US and since their company was founded in 2010 the brand have continued to innovate and develop new hardware and e-liquid refill options.  

Logic Refills

Logic refills come in all of the most popular and recognized e-liquid flavors. Standard flavors are always popular which is why the Logic refills range incorporates classic tobacco, cooling menthol, warming vanilla and bright and sharp cherry. Sweetness, sourness and classic flavors are all represented and in almost all cases their flavors can be enjoyed in a choice of different nicotine levels, with 24mg an 18mg available. 

Logic Cartridges

Logic cartridges are available in a choice of different types, to suit their different hardware choices. Traditional Logic cartomizers are available as well as original and convenient pre-filled capsules.

Logic Pro Capsules

Designed specifically with the innovative Logic Pro e-cigarette in mind, Logic Pro Capsules are innovative and simple to use. Each capsule holds 1.5ml of e-juice and also features an in-built coil. Each of these Logic refills simply pops into your e-cig in a ‘slot on’ style which makes it fit with ease inside your Logic Pro Vaporizer. The flavors available are tobacco, menthol, cherry and vanilla and each pack of Logic capsules includes three individual caps.

Logic Cartridges

Logic cartomizers feature a screw in design which makes them easy to attach to your Logic Vaporizer Kit. Each Logic cartridge provides around 300-400 puffs before it needed replacing and they can be enjoyed in the same varied range of flavors as the Logic capsules.

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