WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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FIN E Cig Refills & V-Tanks

Need refills for your FIN spare battery? Shop our selection of FIN cartomizers and tanks, which are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths. Choose from a variety of satisfying tobacco and menthol flavors.

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About FIN E-Cigs

FIN is a family owned American e-cigarette company. They create every product in their range with the vaper at the heart of their design and in their own words their products ‘are marketed to existing adult smokers only’. They are a brand whose focus is on providing an alternative to traditional cigarettes and this means their range incorporates cig-a-like products and those which are more technological and suit the more advanced vaper. FIN cigs are designed with traditional tobacco fans in mind. There is a FIN e-cig for every kind of vaper with both disposable and rechargeable options.

FIN cigs include those with an appearance just like a regular cigarette. Their range even incorporates a disposable FIN e-cig which allows their products to appeal to many different markets. Quality and dependable design are key to the FIN e-cig brand and their growth into advanced vaping. With the launch of their Advanced Vaping System and the popular FIN V Tank in 2014 they managed to further their appeal and compete for an even larger slice of the market.

Explore the FIN E Cig Signature Product Range

The FIN E-Cig company has produced a wide range of different products since their launch. Their range spans from disposables which are the equivalent of approximately 40 regular cigarettes. The disposable range has a traditional look and feel, not much heavier than a standard cigarette and available in standard flavors including menthol and tobacco. Their next creation was a step up to a rechargeable version of their cig-a-like disposable. The rechargeable range takes FIN refills which are of a standard cartomizer design. FIN refills are available in a choice of familiar flavors which include both bold tobacco and cool menthol options. Each FIN Refill pack includes five individual cartomizers.

As already mentioned, FIN expanded its e-cig range to incorporate a more advanced system. Their Advanced Vaping System or AVS uses liquid-based chambers and has a much larger size and original design, with a much more powerful battery. The AVS system can be used to enjoy a much wider range of vaping flavors. The flavors are delivered in the FIN V Tank which contains the high-quality e-liquid formulated for the AVS. The FIN V Tank range includes more fruity and unique flavors including Cherry and Grape.

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FIN E-Cig Range:

The FIN electronic cigarette range originally comprised two types of e-cig: a cigarette-style kit with accompanying FIN cartridge refills and a disposable range. In late 2014 the FIN company introduced the Advanced Vaping System to follow the changing nature of the vaping industry. The 'AVS' used liquid-based chambers on a much larger and more powerful battery.

Reasons to buy FIN E-Cigarettes:

The FIN E-Cig prides itself on providing the best alternative smoking experience with ultra-cool branding and ultra convenience. The range is ever-increasing and has a wide following across America and indeed the world. 

FIN e-cigarette refills and V-Tanks are one of the most popular types of cartridges in America. FIN cartomizers and V-Tanks are designed to be interchangeable with any FIN electronic cigarette product, so you can use the new FIN E-Cig refills with any of your favorite rechargeable FIN products.

FIN E-Cig Refill Options:

FIN cartridge refills are available only in tobacco and menthol flavors, so as to appeal to smokers only. Each cartridge comes in the signature retro brown color (reminiscent of a traditional cigarette filter) and the two flavor options both offer a smooth throat hit and authentic tobacco/menthol taste. Nicotine levels open to you range from 8mg (Mild) to 24mg (Bold), with the Rich (16mg) being by far the most popular nicotine level. 

FIN V-Tanks:

In the fall of 2014 FIN introduced a new range of enclosed e-liquid chambers called the FIN V-Tank range. The V-Tank range was designed to produce the same performance of clearomizers and e-liquid without the messiness that can often accompany the refilling of a clearomizer. The full FIN V-Tank range is available to buy here.

Long Lasting:

E-cigarette refills from FIN E Cigs fit with the starter kit and are easy to replace. The different cartomizer flavors come in packs of five and every single cartomizer is equal to up to two packs of traditional cigarettes, so your wallet or purse should feel heavier too! FIN E-Cig refills each contain 400mg of e-liquid. 1.6% nicotine by volume means 6.4mg of nicotine in every cartridge. 

How long will my FIN Refill Cartomizers last?

If left unopened, your FIN e-cig refills should last up to two years, but check the pack for the date of production to be sure you keep within these dates.

What do the Fans Say?

Fans of FIN cigs love the convenience their product range offers. There is something for every kind of vaper and a particularly good choice for ex-smokers looking to try e-cigs for the first time. The FIN e-cig range ensures it is possible to move from disposables to rechargeable cig-a-like devices and eventually to their Advanced Vaping System if you wish.

Fans of the brand are also impressed by the value it offers and the price point means anyone wanting to try vaping for the first time does not feel put off by the cost.

Buy FIN E Cig Refills at The Electric Tobacconist:

The Electric Tobacconist is an official FIN stockist and domestic (US) shipping of FIN e cig refills is free on eligible orders at Electric Tobacconist.

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