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Shipping & Tracking

Tracking & Delivery Time FAQs

Why is my order taking longer than the delivery time quoted in checkout?

The delivery timeframe provided in checkout and on your order confirmation is an estimate and not a guarantee. While most orders will arrive within the estimated timeframe, some orders are experiencing delays with the reception of tracking updates and other tracking information.

Please be aware that we communicate all tracking and shipping information to our customers as soon as it has been made available to us. While we always invite you to reach out to our HelpDesk with questions, our Customer Care team has access to the same set of tracking updates that our customers do and consequently, will be unable to provide any additional information about your order's transit status.

How can I track my order?

You can find your tracking number within your "Order History" on our website. Click here and then click on your most recent order (you may have to log in). Please note, the tracking will usually only become available when your order reaches its final mile carrier, so this can be up to a week after you place your order. 

Enter this number in the box below to track your package.

Please note: This number is not your ETUSA order number, and usually looks something like this: WHGFC10GTFV

Help! My tracking information isn’t updating–What does this mean?

If your tracking information hasn’t been updated, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Tracking often doesn't update until the package reaches the final mile carrier (the people directly involved with getting your items to you), where it can take a few days to reach them. Even if your tracking information hasn’t been updated, this does not mean that your package is stuck, lost, or otherwise being neglected. All orders that have been dispatched by our warehouse are in transit to their delivery locations.

We understand that tracking update delays can cause confusion and concern about the status of your order. If you have questions about your order’s status, we invite you to please reach out to our HelpDesk where one of our Customer Care team members can be of assistance. Please be advised, our Customer Care team has access to the same tracking information that you do; consequently, we will be unable to provide additional information about current order statuses that have not already been made available.

Our processing and dispatch times have not changed.

I placed an order with Standard Regional Shipping (SRC) and haven’t received my tracking information—What's going on?

If you’ve recently placed an order on our site that has been shipped with our Standard Regional Carrier, there is a chance that you may not have yet received a confirmation email or tracking number for your order. As we continue to perfect our integration with SRC, you might expect slightly longer transit times (est. 7-14 days) and delays in tracking information and updates.

We are striving to deliver orders within 5-7 business days of being placed and expect that our current transit times will be reduced in the near future. In the recent past, we have been working with our Standard Regional Carrier to improve the new delivery network and expect that our transit times and transit updates will improve in the near future.

We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please exercise patience during this turbulent time for the vaping community. Please reach out to our Help Desk with any additional questions you might have about your order.

How long will it take to ship my package through SRC?

All orders placed before 2PM MST Monday–Friday are processed and packaged in our warehouse the same day, excluding public holidays.

On average, orders placed with our Standard Regional Carrier(s) take approximately 7-14 business days. Please note that all transit times are estimates and precise transit times vary by destination.

Please be aware that your tracking information may not update until your package has reached the sorting facility; this means that your order is most likely in transit to its destination even if your tracking information has not yet been updated with the carrier.

My order is moving in the wrong direction–What’s going on here?

Because our carrier doesn't have the same infrastructure as the Postal Service, your package may take unusual routes as it is passed through a network of carriers, rather than being transported directly to a local distribution center. There have been some instances of delays in the reception of tracking updates for packages. We are currently working with our carriers’ technical support teams to rectify these issues.

The 'Order processed and shipped from fulfillment gateway.' notification originates from the branch carriers central distribution center located in Missouri. This indicates that your package has been prepared for local delivery and has been tendered to the final mile carrier.

How can I contact my carrier–For orders with SRC

Unfortunately, SRC does not provide a customer support network that fields delivery questions. 

Customer Care Questions & Commitments

I tried reaching out to the Help Desk already, but keep getting the same responses–Am I even talking to an actual person?

We understand that it can be frustrating to receive the same responses and not feel like your question has been resolved. So much so, you may even begin to wonder whether you’re communicating with an actual human being or an AI program.

All of our customer care representatives are real human beings that work in our Boulder office. While our team is often limited by what actions and information they are able to take with your order, all of our customer care representatives are eager to help answer any questions or conflicts that arise to the fullest extent that they are able to.

If you are receiving the same responses from our Customer Care team, it is likely because there are no additional actions that can be taken to resolve the issue with your order. For other concerns, you can submit a ticket to our Help Desk here.

Why hasn’t my order been refunded or reshipped yet?

Due to recent irregularities with tracking updates, we are unable to take action on the refund or reshipment of your order until we have confirmed that it has been lost or being returned to us. For that reason, we are unable to refund or reship orders until 40 days have passed from the date the order was placed. We acknowledge and apologize for the inconvenience that this can cause; Electric Tobacconist is committed to its customers and for that reason, guarantee that you will either receive your package or a refund for your order.

To read more about our policies, you can visit our Terms and Conditions. If any questions persist, you’re always welcome to contact us using our Help Desk.

ET Shipping Policies & Industry Changes

I miss how quick and affordable ET’s shipping used to be–What happened and what can I expect going forward?

Offering quick, affordable and reliable shipping has always been a priority for us. Due to industry-wide changes over the past couple of years, we've had to adjust our shipping services; we have, however, made every effort to source services that maximize zip code coverage and delivery speed.

We acknowledge that this transition has posed challenges for some customers and apologize to those impacted.

Going forward, we are committed to expanding our network coverage, expanding our carrier options, and generally improving our shipping times, costs, and tracking updates for all orders.

Why did ET decide to start using SRC –What happened to USPS?

In spring 2021, you might have seen in the news that the "vape mail" restriction were passed as part of the COVID relief spending bill. This new law, commonly referred to as the “PACT Act”, stipulated that vaping products would essentially be classified under the same laws that apply to combustible cigarettes.

In October of 2021, The Postal Service announced that the USPS Vape Mail Ban officially took effect and that it would no longer offer shipping services for vaping products. This order was mandated by the USPS and implemented by Electric Tobacconist immediately.

We are committed to full, legal compliance and pride ourselves in trailblazing some of the most rigorous compliance standards in the industry. Consequently, Electric Tobacconist and all online vape stores were forced to adapt by seeking out regional carriers in substitution for USPS.

Which shipping companies have been banned from shipping vape products?

Due to the PACT Act, USPS has banned the shipment of vaping products as of October 2021. Most major carriers also no longer ship vape products, but this is a policy decision that was made by these individual carriers rather than mandated by the US Government. This is why Electric Tobacconist and other online vape retailers have been forced to seek out regional carrier options in substitution.

General Shipping FAQs

Shipping Costs–Do shipping thresholds include sales and excise taxes?

No, all shipping thresholds exclude sales and excise taxes. Your order total must meet the threshold before taxes have been added (but after any discounts have been applied).

Shipping Options–Can I pick up my package from the local carrier?

Unfortunately, you are not able to pick up your package. All orders must be delivered with an Adult Signature required.

“Adult Signature Required”–What is it and can someone else sign for my package?

In 2020, Congress passed a spending package that included, among other things, a ruling that is commonly known as the PACT Act. As a result of this legislation, all orders require an adult to be present in order to provide their signature at the time of delivery. This adult (over the age of 21+) must be present and able to show a valid government ID to the delivery driver in order to receive the order.

Any adult who is 21 years of age or older and has a valid government ID can sign for your package at the delivery address (even if you are unable to be present during the delivery time). Please visit our page on Age Verification and Adult Signature Required for more information.

Delivery Attempts–How many delivery attempts does the carrier make?

The carrier will make three delivery attempts. In most cases, the carrier will attempt to contact you to ensure that you are home at the time of delivery. However, due to regional variations in the carrier service, this is not always possible. Unfortunately, SRC does not provide a customer support network that fields delivery questions.

Missed Deliveries–What happens if I miss the attempted deliveries?

If the delivery attempts are missed, then the package will be returned to the sender (Electric Tobacconist) because the carrier could not collect an adult signature/proof of ID upon delivery. Electric Tobacconist will re-ship a replacement order only after the original package has been returned to us and processed. Electric Tobacconist also reserves the right to charge a $20 restocking fee. At our discretion, this can be deducted from the refund or applied as store credit. Note: The restocking fee is only charged because Electric Tobacconist is charged a return shipping fee by the carrier.

Expedited Shipping–Is there a way for your team to expedite orders or order tracking information?

Unfortunately, as a result of the PACT Act legislation’s effect on how shipments are processed, we are unable to offer expedited shipping at this time. However, rest assured, we are working adamantly on expanding our shipping coverage, times, and options. Please visit our Shipping Information page for an overview of our shipping costs and options.

No Ship Location–Why can't you ship to me?

We suggest that you add your details to our ZIP code checker. If we cannot ship to you, then we will email you when our carrier begins delivering to your ZIP code.

Please note, on October 21st 2021, USPS discontinued the shipment of vaping products; this means that your shipping eligibility may have changed. We recommend visiting our Zip Code Checker to signup for email updates about shipping coverage in your location.

I’m interested in reading the fine print–Where can I find out more about ET’s Return & Reshipment Policy?

Changed your mind and want to return an item or order that you no longer want? Non-faulty items may be returned within 14 days of delivery provided the packaging remains unopened and the items are in the same condition as they were sold. You can read our full Returns Policy along with our Terms & Conditions.

Still have questions?

Please visit our Shipping Information page to view our current shipping rates and options or reach out to our Help Desk and one of our Customer Care representatives will be happy to assist you.