WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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VUSE E-Cigarettes

With many years’ experience and industry knowledge, Vuse is a brand which delivers power, style, and flavor.

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VUSE E-Cigarettes

About Vuse Vapor

Vuse is an electronic cigarette company created and brought to market by R J Reynolds Vapor Company. This is a sub-company of Reynolds American and is a recognizable brand the tobacco market across the US. They are known for many brands of traditional cigarettes as well as their growing range of vape kits. All Vuse e-cig products and vapors are produced in North Carolina, and they have a strong presence in retail outlets as well as online.

Vuse Vapors stand out because of their high nicotine content, and this has made them popular with people quitting traditional cigarettes or who enjoy a deep, intense throat hit with every vape. The company behind Vuse is serious about maintaining the highest possible standards in every aspect of manufacturing. The highest quality ingredients combine with the latest technology for great tasting products and the kit you need to ensure they can be enjoyed.

The Vuse Solo vs. the Vuse Vibe

The Vuse Solo was introduced in 2013 and the sleek design and convenient cartridge system quickly made it one of the most popular devices on the market. It now comes in 6 different flavor cartridges: menthol, crema, original tobacco, chai, mint and berry. Building on the success of the Vuse Solo, R J Reynolds introduced the Vuse Vibe in 2016. The Vibe features a cleaner, sleeker and more modern looking device with a eGo style battery and prefilled tanks instead of cartridges. The Vibe comes in four flavors: original tobacco, mint, nectar, and melon. The Vuse Vibe is slightly heavier than the Solo, but the dimensions are very similar to the Solo. 

Explore The Vuse Vapor Range

The different Vuse Vapor products have a cig-a-like appearance which matches their high nicotine status and below is a closer look at the various flavors in the range:

Vuse Original: the classic Virginia Tobacco flavor is cleverly rendered in a satisfying and traditionally flavored vapor and available for both the Vibe and the Solo

Vuse Mint: powerful and intense, with a stronger mint taste than the menthol vapor in the Solo range, Vuse Mint is reminiscent of freshly unwrapped chewing gum and available for the Vibe and the Solo.

Vuse Berry: designed for the Solo e-cig by Vuse, this juicy berry flavored vapor stands out because of its fresh fruitiness combined with the satisfying high nicotine levels Vuse deliver.

Vuse Chai: one of the more original flavors from Vuse, Chai has a sweet Indian tea flavor with a subtle hint of milk and sugar.

Vuse Crema: the name tells you what to expect from this Vuse Vapor. Rich and indulgent, Crema is a fresh cream flavor which is mellow and a great all day vape.

Vuse Melon: the perfect balance of sweet and sour, each Melon Flavor Pre-filled Tank is a true fruit explosion and captures that melon flavor perfectly

Vuse Nectar: a sweet summer exotic fruit inspired vape, designed for the Vuse Vibe

What do the Fans Think?

The simplicity of the Vuse e-cig design appeals to many vapers. It is a cig-a-like design which is popular with many different types of vape fan. All Vape vapors and products are made in the US which also appeals to the local market and the team behind the products has dedicated time and energy to the best technology and design principles, which fans of the brand appreciate.

One of the key markets for the Vape Vapor range is those looking for no hassle nicotine satisfaction that can be found in every Vuse product. With the addition of the Vuse Alto and its user-friendly pod system design, vaping has never been easier or.

Is Vuse E-Cig Right for You?

Simple yet modern, the design of the Vuse e-cig makes it a very accessible choice for people new to vaping and also a convenient choice for experienced vapers. It has a reliable design with a simple twist and click cartridge installation. The packaging and branding of all Vuse products also make them appealing, with the flavors differentiated by color and the bold Vuse logo present clearly on all products.

All Vuse Vapors are made using their trademarked V-Liquid™, a blend which is 100% to Vuse. Close care and attention are taken in the creation of each exclusive vape juice blend and all flavors are created by experts in tobacco products. The highest quality ingredients are always used, so anyone worried about the quality of their e-liquids does not have to worry when using a Vuse e-cig.

Vuse Vapor products are also a cost effective choice with many products sold in multipacks, allowing you to stock up on your favorite flavors. The standard price of Vuse products is also very reasonable. Above all else, the craftsmanship and design of all Vuse products has made them popular and if you like your e-cig to look as good as performs, you will not be disappointed by Vuse. Alternatively, you can explore other similar ranges, utilizing cartridge-style vapors such as our V2 e-cigarettes or the JUUL Starter Kit.

Vuse at The Electric Tobacconist

The Electric Tobacconist has a range of Vuse Vapor flavors and cartridges, as well as the all new Vuse Vibe. You can explore our range above, and you can also benefit from our FREE US Shipping offer when you spend over $20. Vuse Vapors are often included in promotional offers at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop so look out for the chance of a great deal when stocking up on your favorite flavors.

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